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One More Esports

One More Esports: Soaring to Division 1 – Roster Reveal [Arabian League Spring Split 2024]

We are thrilled to announce our new roster for League of Legends – Arabian League Spring Split 2024

We will be playing in the 1st Division of the Arabian League 2024 Spring and Summer split πŸ”₯

Follow us as we compete among the Top 8 League of Legends MENA Teams in the region and climb our way to the top & to EMEA Masters!

Cheer for us starting February 1st #GO1M #1MWIN
Team Announcement below! πŸ‘€

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We can’t wait to see them in action and showcase their talents on the stage.
Please join us in welcoming them!


For more infos: https://lol.fandom.com/wiki/Arabian_League/2024_Season/Spring_Split

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