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One More Esports

One More Esports 2024: New Look, Same Mission

After an eventful 2023 and to highlight our 2024 vision, we are rebranding our dear Owl Mascot Logo to a more Simplistic 1M Owl Logo 🔥

The Rise of One More Esports:

Esports is a rapidly growing industry, and in the heart of the MENA region, the Arabian League stands as a testament to the region’s burgeoning esports scene. One More Esports, a team that has been making waves in the esports world, recently achieved a significant milestone by qualifying for Division 1 of the Arabian League.


The moment has arrived! 😎

The pixels have realigned, the energy has surged, and we’re finally ready to unleash the new One More Era 🦉
Dive with us into 2024 with a new look ✨

Join the #1M_army and be a part of our New Era! 💪

البومة قد عادت، وسوف ترفرف بأجنحتها القوية، تضرب بريشها على أعناق الجرأة، فمن يتجرأ على الوقوف أمامها سيجد نفسه أمام غضب السماء، وستحفظ أسرار الليل بحكمتها العتيقة.


Division 1 here we come! 🏆

Follow us as we compete among the Top 8 League of Legends MENA Teams in the region and climb our way to #EMEAMASTERS !

Cheer for us starting February 2024! 📣


And this year we will be competing in many other games all over the world, so stay tuned! 👀

League Of Legends

#GO1M #1MWIN #1MUP 🦉

The New Identity reveal 🤩

See also here: https://twitter.com/OneMore_esports/status/1744456701791625449

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